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  • The Xbox One Limited Edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Gamepad is a unique controller based off of the CoD series. This controller features a gray and gold color scheme. Numerous graphics are etched onto the controller, all taken from "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare." Both the icons and the color scheme are inspired by the in-game Sentinel Task Force military group. The controller is resistant to sweat, meaning the decals won't fade off during intense play. The metallic gold directional pad helps add a splash of color to this Xbox One controller. This wireless device is compatible with all Xbox One gaming consoles. While it features a Call of Duty theme, you can use this themed accessory with all video games on the Xbox One console. The built-in Bluetooth functionality lets you use this device with Windows 10 PCs as well. The Impulse Triggers on the back of this Xbox device are more responsive than typical triggers. Since the rubber on each thumbstick is durable, you'll be able to use this controller for a long time. The directional pad is also extremely precise. This Xbox One accessory features the same comfortable design as previous Xbox controllers. It will fit both small and large hands perfectly. The ergonomic design ensures that even after hours of gameplay, your hands won't cramp. The port at the bottom of the device allows you to attach a headset. Players can then use this headset to chat with friends in multiplayer games. You can attach a pair of headphones to this port as well. The force feedback vibration function on this controller allows you to feel like you're part of the action. Whenever an explosion occurs on the screen, you'll feel it on your device, which has twice the wireless range of the controllers found on the Xbox 360. This extended range lets you sit further from the television when gaming. The stronger wireless technology also ensures that your controller won't disconnect when you're playing a game.
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