Pelikuulokkeet 7.1 USB CMGH-3103 PC CrownMicro sininen LED


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Varasto loppu

This wired gaming computer stereo headset has a thoughtful vibrant design and high quality sound. A built-in sound card with software allows you to individually customize the appropriate sound design. Function "Vibroshock", triggered by strong bass sounds, significantly enhances the impression of dynamic moments of the game. A long flexible cable allows you to position the headset as comfortably as possible without the use of extension cords.


  • USB digital connection;
  • Metal rim with spring suspension;
  • Soft ear cushions with good sound insulation;
  • 7.1 virtual audio system with amazing sound;
  • The folding highly sensitive microphone;
  • Blue LED backlight;
  • 3.2m flexible cable with textile braid;
  • Software to configure the device;
  • Strong low-frequency sounds are emphasized by the operation of the vibration system.
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