Hamtod Langaton laturi 5V/1.5A Valkoinen


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Varasto loppu

1. Wireless charger for smartphones under the QI-standard. 
2. Easy to charge your phone without cables, just put your phone on the charging plate. 
3. Input: 5V/2A. According to the printing on the back cover of the charging plate. 
4. Output: 5V 1A (max). 
5. Change efficiency: >73%. 
6. Transmission distance: < 8mm. 
7. Compatible with the QI-standard. 
8. The charger is recommended to power by a qualified AC adapter. 
9. With micro USB cable. 
10. Fast charging speed: charge output up to 1A. 
11. Low temperature: high efficient driver design. 
12. Safe: built-in over-voltage, under-voltage, short-circuit protection.

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