GRAND joymate video to vga adapteri


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The GVM-2000, is a hand-sized double scan converter box, converts the interlaced video (NTSC/PAL) signal into non-interlaced VGA signal for CRT monitors or LCD panelOSD function and remote controller make Grand JoyMate user-friendlyIt is easily connected to PC, video devices, such as VCR, LD or VCD players and video game machines without any software installation Top Features for Multi Signal inputs: Video, S-Video, PC ( bypass ) Video system 50-to-60HZ frame rate detection (NTSC/PAL (SECAM) for Video, S-Video) DE-INTERLACED output mode can be changed from 640.480, 800.600 to 1024.768(60 Hz & 75 Hz) software driver requiredIt is compatible with all operating systems body and easy installation 3:2 pull-down conversion for film mode 2:2 pull-down graphic mode Motion-adaptive inter-field de-interlacing function OSD (on screen display) control control menu :BRIGHTNESS, CONTRAST, COLOR, HUE, SHARPNESS, PICTURE MODE, RESOLUTION, FREQUENCY, RESET MODE : SPORT MODE, STATIC MODE : 640.480, 800.

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